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We understand that it is an important yet difficult task to choose the right topic for your dissertation. That is the reason we strive to suggest you an appropriate topic in your academic research field so that your confusion can be avoided. It is believed that a good topic should always express your personal vision and should allow you to converse with the existing literature. Your dissertation topic should also reflect your interest and passion in a particular area of research. In fact, that is something to keep you going. When you are interested in something, you will always try to achieve your goals toward your vision.

The best topic for your dissertation will always be the one that makes the research work manageable and comprehensive for you. Thus, you should go with a specific problem or question that can actually lead to an answer connecting to the existing literature. A broad or vague topic makes the task more confusing and does not result in anything substantial or relevant. In addition, consider a topic that meets your degree requirements. Sometimes, you feel like taking a risk with a certain topic, but being safe on it for a Masters-level thesis is a wiser decision. There are always opportunities in future to explore these riskier aspects.

We mostly suggest a topic to our clients that they think can be surely finished within the given timelines. You may surely start with a wider topic and make it narrower as you progress through further research stages. Additionally, you may try exploring the existing research work in your interest area and go through the ‘further work’ section of some papers. This might help you select an interesting topic out of these suggestions. A topic chosen in this manner will also be relevant in accordance with the above-mentioned factors. Thus, we always believe in working with our clients on all such aspects while we select the best topics of research for them.